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Turning great ideas

into successful projects


Component Assembly

An assembly machine handles small-sized components that are difficult for an operator to manipulate.

We start the process by analysing the product and its production needs to find the optimal solution that simplifies assembly and benefits production.

Test & Control

The introduction of machinery used for checking and testing on components or products within a production line allows to obtain finished products that are safer and free from imperfections, significantly reducing waste.


Improving the production line also means implementing your own logistics with effective and innovative solutions. CAD sas is the right ally to carry out all the necessary implementations such as robotic islands, warehouses and line edge machines.

Material Processing

Our goal is to create specific machines capable of performing various types of processing on different materials, making production faster without sacrificing precision and care.

Automating these processes also significantly reduces risks for operators.


Our packaging machines are born on the basis of particular needs and are designed to be as functional and fast as possible, providing the right packaging solution for products of any product sector.

Operator Support

The machines and support equipment allow to facilitate operators in all those operations that require excessive effort or an uncomfortable or unsafe posture allowing a peaceful and more productive performance of their work.

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