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What is Revamping?

Revamping is an operation of updating, restructuring, and refurbishing machinery or entire industrial plants, with the aim of extending their lifespan within the production process.

Our experience in machine manufacturing allows us to analyse outdated machinery and work on them with state-of-the-art solutions that enable complete or partial renewal.

The services we offer include:


We verify the initial functionalities and identify the structural parts and mechanical components that determine the production limits.

We replace obsolete or worn-out components and install cutting-edge equipment to give new vigour to your machine.


Revamping 2.png

Through targeted replacement and refurbishment of electrical panels, PLCs, and outdated drives, we regenerate the technological core of your machine.

We only adopt technological and innovative solutions to improve production processes and performance.

software rEgeneration

Revamping 3.png

Many issues that arise with your machine may be related to the often outdated and inflexible software.

With our regeneration service, you can create new functionalities by modernizing and adapting the existing system.

compliance and recertification 

Revamping 4.png

Leveraging our experience, we analyze every aspect of the machine to identify non-compliance.

Subsequently, we proceed with the design and implementation of the necessary adjustments for re-certification, providing you with all the necessary documentation.

Why choose it?

Production lines and the plants they are part of are the beating heart of your constantly evolving company.

After years of installation, a machine may still be robust but may no longer meet the required performance. Revamping means giving new life to your machine and advantages for your company:

more performance

Revamping 7.png

Revamping means restoring or even improving the initial operating conditions of your production line.

It increases speed, precision, and safety while implementing new features, saving time for operator training and procurement.


Revamping 6.png

Restoring and upgrading a plant can reduce production downtime and maintenance costs compared to purchasing a new machine.

If your machine is still robust but no longer meets the specifications, Revamping can help you save costs.


Thanks to improved performance achieved through effective Revamping, you optimize energy usage and make your machine more sustainable for your company and the planet. Furthermore, by implementing appropriate hardware and software systems, you have the opportunity to easily monitor your energy consumption.


Revamping 8.png

An aged machine, although still performing well, does not always meet current safety standards.

Safeguard your operators by implementing compliant, safe, and ergonomic systems, reducing accidents and illnesses associated with machine use.

When to choose it?

There is no right or wrong answer; it is necessary to evaluate and analyse the general conditions of the machine, the production requirements, and recurring issues.

However, here are some signs that might help you understand if it is time to request an analysis for your machine:


The PLC is out of production, maintenance is no longer guaranteed, spare parts are no longer available or too expensive.

Machine downtime under these conditions is more than just a nuisance.

That's why it is important to identify critical components and replace them with easily obtainable new technologies.


Revamping 10.png

Planned maintenance requires more and more time, machine downtime and breakdowns are more frequent, and your internal maintenance team is struggling to restore production and manage the situation with enormous difficulty.

It's time to take action! With the right interventions, you will save time and money.

production adjustment

Revamping 12.png

Has a long-standing customer asked you to downsize or modify a product?

Has the demand for a particular item skyrocketed, and your plant cannot keep up?

Don't worry, we will help you seize these great opportunities by quickly adapting the machine to your new production needs.


Revamping 11.png

When accidents or illnesses can be attributed to a dangerous and ergonomically poor machine, it is your duty to promptly protect the well-being of your operators.

By implementing the right devices and leveraging our knowledge of current regulations, safety will no longer be a problem for them or your machine.


Give new life

to your plants


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